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Everything Electric London 2024 Tickets

Prize Draw Terms & Conditions

By signing up to Joosup using a valid Everything Electric London 2024 tickets prize draw promotion or referral code, you acknowledge the following terms and conditions to ensure full eligibility for this promotion.

1. Competition Details.

1.1 The prize draw entry period starts 14th February, 2024, and closes midnight 16th March, 2024 (GMT).
1.2 The final prize draw takes place 17th March, 2024.
1.3 To be eligible, all entrants must meet the following criteria:

  • Only one entry per person allowed.
  • All entrants must be aged 18 or over.
  • All entrants must be UK residents and hold a valid UK driving licence.
  • All entrants must be the legal owner or user of a fully-battery electric vehicle (BEV), and/or the legal owner of an EV charger intended for sharing or have explicit permission from the owner to share it for rental.
  • This offer is only eligible for new user sign-ups using either the relevant EETICKETS promotion code or have been referred by an existing Joosup user HANDLE.
  • All entrants must not hold or have held a previous Joosup account. Suspended or closed accounts do not qualify for new accounts or referring a friend into the prize draw.
  • Duplicate, suspended or cancelling accounts attempting to create new accounts will not be deemed eligible for the prize draw.

1.3 Entrants must meet the following requirements to qualify for the prize draw:

  • Entrants must be new accounts and sign up using the applicable promotion code on the sign-up form. Existing users attempting to create new accounts will not qualify.
  • Entrants must complete their personal profile including First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Address & Date of Birth (DOB) no later than the closing date of the draw.
  • Entrants must add either complete details of their electric vehicle to their Joosup account and/or a full and complete EV charger listing to accept bookings live on the Joosup map.
  • Entrants who elected to add their EV charger must connect their personal PayPal account to make the charger live and available for bookings.
  • Entrants must have an active and working email address associated with their accounts to receive their event tickets electronically.
  • Tickets will be distributed via email no less than 1 week (7 days) before the date of the event ticket in question.
  • Only one prize draw entry permitted per household, per person.
  • Dates of winning tickets will be chosen at random. Entrants cannot request a preferred date of event tickets due to limited availability. Judges decision is final and cannot be appealed.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred or nominated to a third party after receipt. By doing so or attempting to transfer your ticket, you may be refused entry to the venue by the event organisers. Joosup Ltd holds no responsibility or control over the validity or use of the prize draw tickets after distribution.

2. Competition Terms.

2.1 To be entered into the ticket prize draw, entrants must:

  • Download and install the latest version of the Joosup app from the Google Play or App Stores.
  • Sign up to a new account using the applicable promotion code i.e either EETICKETS or the HANDLE of a referring Joosup user.
  • Complete your personal profile information.
  • Upload full and complete electric vehicle information and/or upload a full and complete EV charger listing for sharing and rental using your full home address.
  • Connect your Joosup account to a fully verified personal PayPal account where an EV charger has been uploaded to your account.
  • Make your charger live and available for bookings from your registered home address. Removal of your EV charger listing before the prize draw end date will invalidate your entry.
  • Have an active and working email address associated with your account to receive the event tickets (if a winner)
  • Tickets will be distributed approximately 1 week (7 days) leading up to the event date marked on the winning tickets.
  • All electric vehicle profiles and EV charger listings will be reviewed and validated internally by our team prior to the final prize draw taking place.

2.2 All users' home addresses will be fully verified using publicly accessible data. All EV charger listings will be manually moderated and checked for accuracy and appropriate information. Users found with anomalies or suspected foul play or misleading information will be deemed ineligible for the prize draw. Judges decision is final.

3. Prize Draw.

3.1 The final date for entry into the prize draw is midnight 16th March, 2024 (GMT). No entries will be accepted after this time. At the close of prize draw entry, the following will take place thereafter:

  • All entrants will be verified and checked for eligibility.
  • All eligible entrants will be allotted a unique number stored on an internal database using only their Joosup 'Handle' and associated email address. No sensitive personal information will be held.
  • Ineligible entrants will not be informed. Judges decision is final.
  • The prize draw will take place on Sunday 17th March, 2024 using a third party number selection application which will pick numbers at random. All numbers that match eligible entrants will be deemed winners of the event tickets.
  • All winners of the event tickets will informed shortly afterwards via email and online on our website and social media. Full identities of winners will be obfuscated for data protection purposes.

4. Ticket Allocation & Distribution.

  • Event tickets will be emailed from a valid @joosup.com mailbox address to eligible winners once all conditions have been met and the prize draw has been completed.
  • Event tickets will only be valid for a date specified by the event organisers. We cannot change or alter ticket dates if requested by winners.
  • No specific guarantees are made regarding the event ticket's validity period.
  • We reserve the right to invalidate a prize draw entry, if in our opinion, a promotion code is invalid, inaccurate, misrepresented or false.
  • Tickets cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged for their equivalent monetary value.
  • Once tickets have been distributed to winning recipients, they are no longer deemed the property or responsibility of Joosup Ltd.
  • The recipient assumes full responsibility for the safe-keeping and storing of winning tickets once distributed to them. Any lost, damaged or misplaced tickets cannot be replaced under any circumstances.
  • Email tickets blocked or removed by spam protection software is not the responsibility of Joosup Ltd. You are advised to 'whitelist' the joosup.com domain in your email program and to check spam and junk folders if tickets are not received by winning entrants.

5. Competition Integrity.

  • Duplicate user accounts will be easily identified and monitored by our moderation team.
  • Users attempting to create multiple accounts in an attempt to make multiple prize draw entries will be automatically disqualified.

6. Privacy and Data Protection.

  • Data will be collected in accordance with the standard sign-up process through the Joosup app.
  • Joosup Ltd will ensure this competition and all associated activities are in compliance with relevant UK data protection laws.

7. Limitations of Liability.

  • Joosup Ltd is a registered UK limited company and reserves the right to cancel, change, or remove this competition at any time without prior notice.
  • Joosup Ltd is not responsible for E-ticket delivery if users provide incorrect or inactive email addresses. Tickets that go to spam are not our liability.

8. Cancellation and Modification.

  • We may review, modify and/or end the competition in cases where continuous abuse, deceptive or bogus participation is becoming commonplace.
  • Any cancellation or modification to this competition will be communicated through our email newsletter to existing subscribers and updated on our website pages.
  • We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

9. Contact Information.

  • For all enquiries or support relating to this competition, please use our contact form.