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Joosup aims to make charger and distance anxiety a thing of the past by utilising privately owned off-street chargers, giving motorists greater choice and control over how they park and charge their EV.

A host is an individual who rents out their home car charger to an electric vehicle owner (EVO) to park and charge their car for an agreed period and fee.

EVO is an abbreviation for electric vehicle owner. In simple terms, a driver of an electric car who is part of the evolution towards electrified roads.

As the sale of electric vehicles increases each year, the signs are the public infrastructure will struggle to keep up.

Public chargers will always be needed but they're far from perfect. If you're fortunate enough to find one that's operable or available, they can be expensive to use, overly complicated and the time allowed is limited otherwise you could be fined. This also means interruptions to your journeys. This can make EV ownership unattractive, unnecessarily stressful and inconvenient.

Destination charging makes far more sense. Instead of stopping to top up your car battery en route, book your parking and charging in advance with joosup.

This way, you get to drive from point A to B without stopping, charge your car whilst it's parked and then return to your car with sufficient charge to get you home. That's what we call stress-free driving!

As we swiftly move towards driving electric vehicles, charging at home will become commonplace. But for the millions of us living in apartments, flats and terraced homes without driveways, this is not an option.

Our app will enable those individuals to charge their EV's on driveways owned by other joosup members in a quick and cost-effective way, making the switch the electric far less daunting.

Simply download the joosup app, add your charger and start earning an income from bookings!

Simply download the joosup app, add your vehicle, search for a host near your desired location and make a booking!

Yes of course, that's the entire concept of joosup! As well as destination charging using other joosup host locations, you can also host others to charge on your driveway and earn an income. It's a win-win for all.

No doubt, your driveway charging sits unused for most of the week. Turn that charger into a passive income generator by taking bookings through joosup. It couldn't be easier.

Anyone who owns or has direct access to their own electric car charger can benefit from being a host. Whether you're a residence or business, you can make an income from your charger by making it available to other joosup users.

Just imagine... you're driving a long distance and your EV needs to be recharged to get you home later that day. Your journey en route has very limited access to public chargers, so what do you do?

By using joosup, you can book a slot to park and charge your car close to your destination, ensuring your car is not only securely parked but topped up for the journey home. What's not to like?

Potentially every electric vehicle owner on our roads could benefit from using joosup to charge their car.

Just imagine how much choice, flexibility and control this gives every motorist if they can book their parking and charging in advance of reaching their destination? It's a game changer.

Unlike some competing apps, joosup is designed exclusively for EV owners only. So when you search our database of parking and charging locations, you are not competing with internal combustion engine (ICE) drivers. We are strictly EV only.

Also, joosup is extremely flexible. From a single app install, you can earn an income from one or multiple chargers, and make bookings to charge one or multiple vehicles on your own journeys with other joosup members.

Whether you're looking to make the switch to EV and want to find somewhere local to charge your car, or already own an EV and want a wider choice of locations to park and charge when distance driving, joosup is the app for you!

Right now, joosup is only available for UK users. But that's not the end of our ambitions.

As we develop the model and grow our user base, we fully intend to expand into other markets that have the same needs and demands as us. So watch this space as they say!

No, we do not encourage users to list or use a 3 pin "granny" charger on safety grounds.

Domestic power sockets are not specifically designed for charging EV's, so in some circumstances where a fault is present, using this type of socket could lead to overheating, a fire or injury. Therefore, we do not allow 3.5kW charging via traditional 3 pin sockets or extension leads.

If you want to receive payments from other Joosup users to charge their vehicles using your home charger, you will need to hook up your PayPal account. This ensures you receive payments swiftly and directly, without delay. Connecting your PayPal account does not involve any form of transaction taking place. This is simply an onboarding process. You will not be charged any fees to onboard whatsoever.

PayPal is a long established, reputable payment gateway provider who are the select partners for Joosup. PayPal provides a fast and secure way to pay and get paid. They also provide excellent buyer and seller protection in the event of a dispute. If you do not connect your PayPal account, you will not be able to add your charger to the Joosup network.

It takes just a few moments to create and set up a PayPal account. Simply go to https://www.paypal.com/uk/ and then click 'Sign Up'. Once your PayPal account is is active and fully verified, you can connect your PayPal account to Joosup to start receiving bookings.

Subscriptions are entirely optional and are priced at £1.49 per month, or £14.99 per year. You have the option to subscribe at the end of the trial period but this is not compulsory.

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