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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between you as a User (Host, and/or EVO) and Joosup Ltd (Company registration number 13835139) with registered office address at 424 Margate Road, Westwood, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 6SJ, (“us” “we” or “Joosup”) and sets out the terms of use of the Joosup App and its Services.

You must read these Terms carefully before using the Joosup App. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not install, configure or use Joosup. By registering with us and by using Joosup, you demonstrate that you accept these Terms and agree to abide by them. This acceptance forms a legally binding contract between you and Joosup Ltd (the “Agreement”).

1. Definitions.

1.1 As part of these Terms, the below referenced words have the following meanings:

Active Session means a booking that is in progress, in which an EVO is charging their vehicle at a Host location.

App means the application installed on a Users device such as a mobile telephone or tablet.

Booking means the reservation made by a User (EVO) through the app in respect of a particular Location for a set period of time on a specified date.

Booking Period means the length of time the Host authorises the EVO to access and use the Chargepoint. The Booking Period is selected by the EVO from available slots within the calendar feature, and confirmed within the App if the Booking has been accepted by the Host.

Chargepoint means equipment, specifically designed for electric car charging with a suitable socket or cabled (tethered) Type 1, Type 2 or CCS connection, installed at the Location to facilitate the connection of the car to the electricity supply.

Charging Session means the period of time the Host authorises the EVO to access and use the Location. The Session is selected by the EVO from available slots specified by the Host's Listing and confirmation of the Booking is displayed in the app if the Host accepts.

Dashboard means the section of the App where Users can manage their Joosup Account.

EVO means the electric vehicle owner making a booking reservation using the App.

Fee means the total amount payable by the EVO in respect of the Booking direct to the Host, which may also include a Service Fee payable to Joosup Ltd where an active subscription is not in place.

Host means the owner of the electrified parking space, which comprises the electric vehicle chargepoint and associated parking offered for rent via the App.

Joosup Account means your account, as a User, registered on the app and giving you access to services offered by Joosup.

Joosup Subscription means the fee payable by the user to Joosup Ltd, either monthly or annually, to enable the User to access all services and features of the App.

Joosup Service Fee means the fee payable by the User to Joosup Ltd where a subscription or free trial period is not present, to enable the User to access all services and features of the App.

Joosup Service means the explanation given within Clause 2 of these Terms.

Licence Agreement means the terms of agreement set out between the EVO and the Host on which the Service is provided by the Host and received by the EVO.

Licence Fee means the amount payable to the Host in respect of the Charging Session Booking, being equivalent to the calculated Fee covering the entire duration of the reservation.

Listing means the page(s) on the App containing information provided by the Host relating to a Location to allow an EVO to assess the suitability of making a booking to charge their vehicle.

Location means the physical address of the electrified parking space, and associated Chargepoint and parking area.

Overstay Fee means the sum charged to the EVO by the Host for an Overstay, being a sum calculated on a prorated basis.

Overstay means the EVO occupying the Location outside (either before or after) the initially agreed Booking period.

Parking means the off-street parking space associated with the Chargepoint.

Removal Fee means any costs incurred by the Host to arrange the removal of an EVO's vehicle from their premises in the event of an unauthorised Overstay, less any Overstay Fee already paid to the Host for the applicable Overstay.

Service means the provision of access to and use of the Location during the Charging Session which includes amenities specified in the Listing by the Host, which must include a fully functioning Chargepoint as a minimum requirement.

Payment Processing Fee means the amount deducted by PayPal, a payment processing provider, when paying for a Charging Session, Joosup Subscription Fee or Joosup Service Fee.

Payment Processor means PayPal, the financial institution responsible for processing online payments when sending or receiving Booking fees, or paying Joosup Subscription Fees or Joosup Service Fees.

User refers to an active user of the Joosup App, either as an EVO, Host or both.

Website means the associated website located at www.joosup.com or such other websites or applications through which the Joosup service is provided.

2. Agreed Terms.

2.1 This Agreement is made between Joosup and registered Users and these Terms apply to all Joosup Services.

2.2 The Joosup Service is provided by Joosup using the App. The App is a marketplace through which (a) EVOs can view Listings, search Locations, make Bookings and pay associated Fees; (b) Hosts can post Listings; accept or reject Bookings and receive payment of Fees.

2.3 You fully acknowledge and agree to our Acceptable Use Policy which forms a part of these terms.

2.4 You fully acknowledge and accept that Joosup provides the marketplace functionality only and does not directly provide Services rendered. The Service provided is strictly a direct contract between Users (the Host and the EVO) and is set out in the Licence Agreement. Joosup is not a part of that agreement and that agreement confers no right, benefits, obligations or liabilities whatsoever on Joosup.

2.5 We may change these Terms periodically when necessary. By using the App or a Service, you indicate your acceptance of these Terms, as amended, or in force at the time of writing. If you do not accept any changes, you may terminate this Agreement after which you will be no longer eligible to use the App, or any Service associated with the App.

3. Registration.

3.1 You must register for a Joosup Account on the App in order to view and publish Listings, or reserve and receive Bookings. Initial account creation requires you to submit a desired Handle i.e account nickname or alias to anonymise your real full name for privacy purposes, an active Email Address and set a desired Password of your choosing using a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. You may also submit a valid Referral Code or Promotional Code, if you have one. Referral and promotional codes are manually verified by our support team and may take up to 5 working days to be applied to your account, subject to validity.

3.2 Full unrestricted use of the app requires you to provide us with certain personal information, including but not limited to: first name, last name, company (if applicable), a valid email address, telephone number, address, and date of birth. You must also provide your car make, model, battery capacity, and registration number(s), so that Hosts may identify you as the relevant EVO. You fully acknowledge and accept this information will be provided by the App to relevant Hosts who are required to keep this information confidential.

3.3 Once you have completed set up of your Joosup Account, you may publish Listings to allow EVOs to search for your Location and book Charging Sessions. You must ensure your Listing provides all necessary accurate information relating to the Location to reduce any likelihood of an EVO making an unsuitable Booking if the Location and Chargepoint does not meet their requirements.

3.4 By registering and activating a Joosup account, you hereby acknowledge and agree to receiving promotional and marketing material via email. You can opt out at any time by using the displayed unsubscribe links in our communications.

3.5 EVOs are required to provide their vehicle make(s), model(s), battery capacity and registration number(s) so that Hosts may identify them as the relevant EVO when they arrive at their Location. You are required to keep this information in the strictest of confidence.

3.6 Joosup will treat all personal information provided by you in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

3.7 All Joosup Accounts are password protected. The password you create for your Joosup Account at signup should remain confidential and must not be disclosed to any third party. You will be deemed fully liable and responsible for all actions and omissions occurring on your Joosup Account whether or not authorised by or performed by you or on your behalf.

3.8 If you suspect your Joosup Account has been compromised, you must notify us immediately via support@joosup.com, after which your Joosup account will be suspended. To continue using Joosup, you will be required to create a new account using an alternative email address and different password.

3.9 We reserve the right to suspend or close your Joosup Account at any time if you are suspected or found to be in breach of any terms of this Agreement. If your Joosup Account is closed or suspended, you are no longer permitted to use the App and can no longer use associated Services using an existing or new account.

3.10 You are not permitted to open more than one Joosup Account. Each Joosup Account can be used by you as a Host, EVO or both. From a single User account, you can create multiple Listings and add as many vehicles as desired.

3.11 Users can close their Joosup accounts manually by selecting the 'Close Account' option under 'My Account » Security' within the app. Users unable to access their account via the app can request closure by contacting support and submitting required information to identify the account in question. Once closed, all personal data will be deleted in compliance with GDPR regulations.

4. Your Responsibilities.

4.1 You must ensure continued accuracy of the information you provided when signing up to a Joosup Account. Failure to do so may result in undelivered notifications and communications, a Host refusing your Booking if vehicle details are incorrect or potential suspension of your Listing and/or Joosup account.

4.2 As a Host, you must ensure all your Listings are kept current to ensure they represent your Location’s availability, Chargepoint compatibility, and functional status accurately.

4.3 You will honour all Bookings that you have accepted as a Host in accordance with these Terms. All accepted Bookings are subject to the terms of the Licence Agreement herein.

4.4 You declare to Joosup that as a Host, you are the owner or authorised licensee of the Location and have full, unrestricted rights and authority to (a) enter into this Agreement with Joosup; (b) provide the Service; and (c) enter into Licence Agreements with EVOs without any third party consent or additional fees.

4.5 As a Host, you will take all necessary care to ensure the Location is safe for use. This includes but is not limited to, ensuring the Chargepoint has been installed by a fully qualified electrician or approved Chargepoint installer and is maintained to ensure its safe operation, and the Parking area is well maintained, accessible and free from anything likely to cause injury, harm or accidental damage.

4.6 If requested, you will provide guidance to the EVO on the safe operation of your Chargepoint either via telephone, instant message using the App, written instruction or in person at your Location.

4.7 You will ensure that the Chargepoint is in good working order at all times during the Charging Session.

4.8 You will notify Joosup of any issues in relation to Locations, including but not limited to, an EVO’s inability to charge a vehicle for whatever reason by sending an email to support@joosup.com. Joosup may suspend your Listing if you are unable to provide the Service and it is your full responsibility to update your Listing if the Location is unavailable or malfunctioning.

4.9 Before booking a Charging Session, EVO's must ensure the Chargepoint is compatible with their vehicle, so far as reasonably possible using the information provided in the Listing. Therefore, where the Chargepoint uses a (cabled) tethered connection, you will ensure it correctly fits your vehicle. Where the Chargepoint is untethered using a socket only, you will supply your own compatible cable to connect your vehicle to the Chargepoint accordingly, unless the Listing indicates the Host will supply a cable, and that cable is compatible with your vehicle. If you discover after the Booking completes that the Chargepoint is incompatible with your vehicle, you will not be entitled to a refund of the Booking Fee unless the Listing is deemed to have been inaccurate. In such cases, you will need to raise a dispute with the payment processor to request a refund directly from the Host. Joosup cannot intervene or process refunds under any circumstances.

4.10 When using your own charger cable, you must ensure it is safe, undamaged, and in good working order. Neither Joosup nor the Host will be liable to you in any way if you fail to charge your vehicle due to a fault with your cable. You will not be entitled to compensation from either Joosup or the Host should you accidentally leave your cable at the Location. The Host is authorised to dispose of any cable and/or other items left by an EVO at the Location at any time without prior notice to any party.

4.11 If you do not know how to use a Chargepoint, you must ask the Host for assistance. Chargepoints must be used in accordance with instructions provided by the Host. You must not attempt to charge your vehicle by any means other than a fully working electric car Chargepoint.

4.12 You will ensure that connecting a Chargepoint to an electric vehicle does not involve running a cable over public land at any time.

4.13 All accepted Bookings will be subject to the terms of the Licence Agreement and terms set out in the applicable Listing. No other terms will be incorporated into the Licence Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Licence Agreement and the Listing, the Licence Agreement will prevail.

4.14 You must not use or permit any third party to access or use your Joosup Account fraudulently, or in connection with any criminal acts, in breach of any applicable law or statutory duty. You will not use the Joosup App or Service for any illegal purposes including but not limited to harassment, fraud, money laundering, or malicious Bookings.

4.15 Users are expressly prohibited from engaging in any form of unauthorised harvesting, mining, or extraction of data from the Joosup app. This includes, but is not limited to, manual methods such as copy/paste in typed or written form, as well as the use of software, bots, or any other automated or manual means. If on discovery of such activities, the consequences may include but are not limited to the immediate banning of the user in question, and/or closure of the user's Joosup account. Joosup reserves the right to pursue further legal proceedings if the discovered activities are deemed to have caused commercial harm to Joosup.

4.16 Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in any solicitation, promotion, or marketing of products or services that are not directly associated with the primary objective of Joosup. The only permissible form of promotion is offering a registered user's shared EV charger to other users via the functionality of the Joosup app, such as the Inbox feature.

4.17 You agree not to attempt to bypass the Joosup Service or App, and to only make Bookings through the App.

4.18 You agree to only make direct contact with a Host after completing a Booking through the App and you have officially received the Host’s personal contact details. This also applies where you have previously booked a Charging Session and already possess the Host’s contact details.

4.19 You will not use the App in a way that damages the functionality of the App, or diminishes the use and benefits of the App by other Users, or third parties. Furthermore, you will not use the App in a way that negatively affects the reputation of Joosup.

4.20 You warrant at all times when using the Service that your vehicle complies with all applicable laws and regulations including, but not limited to insurance, road tax and roadworthiness.

4.21 You warrant at all times when using the Service that you have a fully valid driving licence and are permitted to use the vehicle in question.

4.22 At all times you will endeavour to be polite, courteous and reasonable in your dealings with other Joosup Users, whether by email, telephone or in person. You will not act in a way likely to negatively affect Joosup’s reputation or relationship with any Joosup User. Joosup reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Joosup Account if we are notified that you have breached this clause.

4.23 You declare you have the authority, and where necessary, the approval to enter into this Agreement.

4.24 An EVO must be able to use a Host’s Location and associated Chargepoint on arrival at the start of a Booking. If the Location does not match the description of the Listing, a Chargepoint malfunction occurs or an issue arises which halts proper use of the Location, EVOs must contact the Host directly either through the App or directly via telephone. In the first instance, both parties must make every attempt to resolve any issues directly. If you are unable to resolve the issue, the matter should be referred to Joosup via email at support@joosup.com and we will review the issues raised and respond accordingly.

4.25 EVO's must ensure their vehicle is configured to accept a live electricity supply from the Host's chargepoint at the time of the Charging Session and for the full duration of the Booking. It is the full responsibility of the EVO to ensure their vehicle is not configured to prevent accepting a live electricity supply to charge their vehicle that conflicts with the time and full duration of the Booking. Any failure to charge a vehicle due to a mishap or oversight with the vehicle's settings that prevented the EVO's vehicle from charging is the full responsibility of the vehicle owner. Unless otherwise agreed, the Host is not obligated to refund the EVO in these circumstances if the issue was not raised with the Host at the commencement and before the conclusion of the Charging Session booking period. Hosts may refund EVO's in such circumstances at their own discretion.

4.26 Users may cancel Services only in accordance with the terms outlined in the Licence Agreement.

5. Bookings and Payments.

5.1 You agree all Bookings will be made through the App only, and any associated Fees or other charges shall be processed by the Payment Processor on the Host’s behalf.

5.2 Bookings and associated Fees shall be made in accordance with this Agreement and the Licence Agreement.

5.3 Both Joosup Service Fees and Subscriptions are non-refundable in the event of any cancellation or refund otherwise applicable in accordance with these Terms.

5.4 Fees set out on Listings include the cost of the Service provided by the Host, and may also include a Joosup Service Fee where an active subscription or free trial is not present.

5.5 Using the App, you can search for suitable Locations on specific dates to suit your requirements. You must use the information in Listings found to ensure Chargepoints are compatible with your vehicle. You acknowledge and accept that Listings are provided by the Host and Joosup is not liable nor responsible for their accuracy or legitimacy.

5.6 Once a suitable Location is found and Terms of the Licence Agreement confirmed, all Booking information will become available to the Host via the App to accept or decline. If accepted, payment will be taken before commencement of the Charging Session on the specified date and time of the Booking.

5.7 Where a Charging Session has been booked and is waiting for the Host to Accept or Decline, the Host must accept or decline the booking request as soon as possible. If there has been no response to a booking request within a reasonable time period, a reminder will be sent. If the Host fails to respond, the Booking will automatically be declined and you will be notified. No payment will be taken from you for the booking.

5.8 If the Host accepts your Booking request, a legally binding agreement comes into effect between you and the Host on the terms set out in the Licence Agreement. On agreement, you will receive a notification which sets out the date, time and location of the Booking, as well as name and contact details of the Host.

5.9 Where a Charging Session has been booked, accepted, and confirmed, payment will be taken prior to commencement of the Charging Session on the specified date and time of the Booking. The Fee will be paid directly to the Host before the start of the Booking Period. A Joosup Service Fee may also be paid where an active subscription or free trial period is not present. If a complaint is lodged and after internal review Joosup upholds the complaint and determines a refund is due, the Host must process a refund in full to the EVO as soon as possible. All Joosup Service Fees and Subscription Fees are non-refundable. Joosup does not store or hold any User payment details, and all transactions are conducted securely using the privately owned PayPal accounts of both Users, a third-party payment processing platform. Joosup does not process Booking payment using its own PayPal account at any point.

5.10 If you wish to extend the Charging Session period of any given Booking, you will have to make a request to the Host for approval and pay any applicable additional Fees, which may include additional Joosup Service Fees where an active subscription or free trial period is not present. This will be subject to a separate Licence Agreement.

5.11 In the event of an Overstay without a Host’s consent, the Host must resolve the matter directly with the EVO and reach a suitable agreement to receive compensation from the EVO to cover the overstay period. Joosup cannot act as an intermediary in the event of an overstay under any circumstances. If no agreement is reached, the Host must notify us within 24 hours of the end of the Joosup Booking period whilst providing sufficient evidence of the overstay. Any User with an outstanding unpaid balance to another User will be suspended from using the Joosup App and associated services until the balance has been paid in full.

5.12 In the event of an Overstay exceeding one hour without acceptance of the Host, you acknowledge and agree the Owner reserves the right to engage the services of a professional third party towing company to remove your vehicle from their premises.

5.13 If you need to cancel a Booking with less than 24 hours until the commencement of the confirmed Booking start time, you must contact the Host directly via telephone, or direct messaging via the App to notify them explaining the reasons for late cancellation, and also confirm cancellation via the Joosup App.

6. Our Rights and Responsibilities.

6.1 You acknowledge and accept that the Joosup App is strictly a marketplace only and that Joosup’s sole liability and responsibility is to use its reasonable commercial endeavours to provide the Services offered in accordance with these Terms.

6.2 Joosup does not verify the information contained in Listings. Joosup reserves the right to remove any Listing at any time without financial or legal obligation to any Host where Joosup deems a Listing to be inaccurate, misleading or otherwise non-compliant with our terms and conditions. Joosup is under no obligation to verify or monitor the content of listings or respond to removal requests made by a User or third party.

7. Complaints and Disputes.

7.1 Complaints or disputes about Bookings are to be raised and resolved directly between Users (Hosts and EVO's) at the first instance.

7.2 In the event that a User believes the Service rendered is in breach of the Licence Agreement or falls below your reasonable expectations, where a Host and EVO are unable to reach an agreeable resolution, you may file a complaint with Joosup. Your complaint must be filed to us within two working days of the end of the Charging Session by submitting details of the complaint using the online contact form located at our website and by selecting the "File a Complaint" subject option. You must give as much detail about the complaint for us to review the dispute in full.

7.3 Following receipt of a complaint, Joosup will consider the evidence provided with reasonable care and due diligence to reach a fair decision.

7.4 All complaints must be received within two working days of the end of the Charging Session. Any complaints received more than 2 days after the end of the Charging Session will be deemed invalid.

7.5 All Booking Fees are transacted between Users (Hosts and EVO’s) directly, therefore Joosup is unable to directly process any refunds in the event of a dispute. If Joosup does receive details of a dispute we will ask Users (Hosts and EVO’s) to provide us with written evidence and supporting material regarding the complaint. Our support team will review all submitted information and judge whether your complaint is to be upheld or otherwise. If Joosup determines the complaint is valid and a refund should be made, we inform both parties of our decision and send our recommendations for a suitable refund to be processed by the Host back to the EVO.

As a guideline, we recommend Hosts following the below recommended refund amounts in the event of a dispute:

a) Chargepoint malfunctioning for entire Charging Session: 100% refund

b) Location unavailable or inaccessible for part of the Charging Booking period: Pro-rated refund covering period of unavailability. Refunds rounded up to the nearest hour.

c) Chargepoint malfunctioning for part of the Charging Booking period: Pro-rated refund covering period of unavailability. Refunds rounded up to the nearest hour.

d) Location not as described: Pro-rated refund covering period of unavailability only if this directly affected the EVO’s ability to charge the vehicle.

e) Early Finish: No refunds given if EVO decides not to stay for the entire Booking period and exits the premises.

All Joosup Service Fees and Subscription Fees are non-refundable.

7.6 In order to uphold the quality of the Joosup service, we will monitor complaints filed against Users (Hosts and EVO’s). Joosup reserves the right to suspend or terminate any User account who repeatedly receives complaints which are later upheld by Joosup.

8. Intellectual Property.

8.1 Joosup Ltd are the owners or licensees of all intellectual property rights on the Joosup App and supporting Website, including materials published.

8.2 You must not use any part of the materials on the App or Website for commercial purposes without our prior written consent of Joosup Ltd or that of the original license holders.

8.3 The Joosup name and the Joosup logo (emblem) are registered trademarks of Joosup Ltd.

9. Liability & Indemnity.

9.1 You acknowledge and accept Joosup does not provide the Service and has no liability, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for those services save as expressly set out in this Agreement.

9.2 Joosup shall not be liable for any loss of profits, anticipated savings, business opportunity, goodwill or loss of or damage to (including corruption) data (in each case whether direct or indirect) or any indirect or consequential losses whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise incurred by you in connection with the Joosup Service or the App or in connection with the use or inability to use the App or Joosup Services or as a result of the use of the App or Joosup Services.

9.3 In the event of damage occurring during the use of a Host's chargepoint, whether due to negligence, abuse, vandalism, or accidental misuse by an EVO or if the EV chargepoint is found to be faulty or used inappropriately, negligently, abusively, maliciously, or accidentally, the parties involved shall hold no liability against Joosup.

9.4 Users, including both Host and EVO, are solely responsible for acting appropriately during the charging session, and Joosup disclaims any liability or responsibility for damages, injuries, or issues arising from the aforementioned acts. Any occurrences of damage must be reported to Joosup within 2 days after the completion of the charging session. It is important to note that Joosup, being a facilitator, does not act as an intermediary in dispute resolution, as the contractual agreement is strictly between the two parties involved.

9.5 Both the EVO and the Host who owns the EV chargepoint at the premises are required to hold their own suitable insurance. In the event of a dispute or an insurance claim, the parties involved are solely responsible. Joosup explicitly disclaims any warranty or provision of insurance in these circumstances.

9.6 Any failure to report accidental damage and related issues beyond 2 days post the charging session completion will be deemed invalid. In the event that one party is deemed responsible for damage to the other party or their property, including an electric vehicle, EV charger, associated dwelling or personal injury, the said responsible party is obligated to fully compensate the other party in accordance with any insurance claim made.

9.7 The maximum liability in connection with this Agreement is limited to the Licence Fee paid for the Charging Session to which the liability relates.

9.8 Nothing within this Agreement limits or excludes our liability for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or for any other liability that cannot be properly limited or excluded by applicable law.

9.9 You are responsible for ensuring that you have adequate insurance cover to provide or receive the Services in addition to any vehicles insured required by law and these Terms.

10. Termination & Withdrawal of Service.

10.1 You may terminate this Agreement at any time by using the “Close Account” button within the App. Your Joosup Account will be closed once any Charging Sessions you have previously accepted have been fully completed or canceled.

10.2 We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your Joosup Account or any part of it at any time by giving you 7 days notice, whether or not you are in breach or immediately in the event that you are:

10.2.1 in breach of any of the terms of this Agreement; or

10.2.2 we suspect you are about to commit a breach of this Agreement; or

10.2.3 you become or we suspect you are about to become bankrupt or insolvent (if you are a company).

10.3 We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the Joosup Service provided via the App without notice. We may at any time also suspend access to the App or withdraw it indefinitely.

10.4 We will not be liable if for any reason the App is unavailable at any given time or length of period.

10.5 On Account closure, it is the full responsibility of the User to cancel any Joosup Subscription Fee pre-payment agreements from within their own PayPal account to prevent future subscription fees from being processed. In any event where a User has closed their account and is unable to cancel their pre-payment agreement from within their PayPal account, they must contact PayPal support for help in the first instance.

11. Consequences of Termination.

11.1 Upon termination of Agreement, you will no longer be entitled to use the App or the Joosup Service other than to the extent necessary to receive Services for which your Booking has already been accepted prior to termination. You will no longer be able to accept or make any new Bookings.

11.2 Where this Agreement has been terminated due to a breach of Terms, we will terminate your Joosup Account and all pending Bookings will be canceled immediately. In addition, we reserve the right to terminate any other or subsequent Joosup Accounts you may have or attempt to create.

11.3 Any provision of this Agreement that expressly or by implication is intended to come into force on or after termination of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

12. Disclaimers.

12.1 You agree to use the Joosup App strictly at your own risk. It is acknowledged by you that Joosup does not carry out, nor does it have any obligation to carry out background or credit checks on Users (EVO's or Hosts), or verify Users' Identities, Locations, Vehicles or Listings.

12.2 The Joosup App and its content is provided "as is", without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Joosup provides you with the App on the basis that it excludes all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms (including, without limitation, the conditions implied by law of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and the use of reasonable care and skill) which, but for this legal notice, might have effect in relation to the App.

13. Relationship of Parties.

13.1 Nothing within this Agreement is to be construed as establishing or implying a partnership or joint venture between the parties, nor as appointing any part to be an agent or employee of the other, and neither party shall hold itself out as such save that you authorise Joosup to take payment of Booking Fees and other sums in accordance with these Terms on your behalf.

14. Third Parties.

14.1 A person who is not a party to this Agreement shall have no rights under it as a third party beneficiary.

15. Variations.

15.1 We reserve the right to change these Terms periodically. We will notify Users of any changes to these Terms via updates to the App and supporting Website.

16. Jurisdiction.

16.1 This Agreement is governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, and all parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of England.