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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it's free to sign up and add your EV chargepoint to the joosup system.

To become an EV charger host, you'll need to own or have access to the property and charger where your listing is located. If your property and charger is rented, you must seek permission from the landlord or owner.

You cannot list chargers located on public spaces or managed by local authorities.

If access to your property and EV charger requires a code, permit, fob, or key, that is acceptable however, you will need to make EVO's aware by adding details to your listing.

Income from renting your driveway whilst recharging member's EV's may qualify for the UK government's property trading income allowance, which allows up to £1,000 tax free earnings per year. Speak to your accountant or tax professional to clarify your position.

How much you charge is down to your discretion. But always take into consideration your electricity tariff, standing charges and PayPal's payment processing fees, plus the added value you offer to EVO's being able to park their vehicle on a secure, off-street location like yours.

If you're unsure, take a look at other listings to get an idea what other users typically charge.

It's entirely up to you. Some members prefer to be present whilst EVO's charge their vehicles, whilst others are happy to take a contactless approach. Using joosup can be hands-on or as hassle-free as you like.

Absolutely! You can set what days of the week and what times you want your charger to be available to other members, meaning you don't have to worry about unexpected guests or bookings at inconvenient times.

Of course you can. You can add as many EV chargers to your joosup account as you like.