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31 August 2023

70% of UK Councils Have No On-Street EV Charging Plans

A recent investigation carried out by Vauxhall has revealed that more than 70% of UK councils do not currently have any kind of published strategy for residential on-street EV charging facilities.

In a staggering admission, a freedom of information request to 414 councils and local authorities covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland uncovered that 69% of local authorities have yet to install a single on-street charger.

The report goes on to reveal that according to the 289 councils that provided data, only 14,188 new charge-points are planned to be installed in 2023.

This figure falls drastically below the required installation rate needed to meet the UK government’s target of having 300,000 up and running by the end of 2030.

A rallying cry

In an attempt to help speed up the process, Vauxhall has set up their Electric Streets of Britain programme to help current and would-be EV drivers not get left behind and register their needs.

In conjunction with charge point operators Chargy, Connected Kerb and SureCharge, Vauxhall has also established an enablement fund to help local councils understand the true scale of the lack of on-street charging options.

Yet despite these efforts, 45% of the councils who responded to the investigation admitted they had no plans to install residential on-street chargers this year.

So with local councils clearly showing little sign of preparedness or willingness to meet the UK government’s on-street charging targets by the 2030 deadline, what’s the answer?

Charger sharing is the obvious solution

As many had suspected since the UK government announced banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030 onwards, the country is set to be woefully underprepared for the transition to electrified roads.

Commenting on these findings, Joosup’s founder and CEO Simon Burge stated:

”This is one of the key drivers behind the creation of the Joosup app.”

“It was very clear as far back as 2 to 3 years ago that the bold ambitions of the government’s net zero plans could only be fulfilled if local councils were ready and equipped to ensure on-street charge-points were installed at a rapid pace.”

“As 2030 looms, it’s becoming more evident that the UK as a whole will fall well short of the 300,000 target, with motorists left to their own devices. It’s clear to us that sharing privately-owned off-street EV chargers will play a huge role in filling the increasing gap as sales of EV’s soar.”

A soaring sharing economy

In recent years, the concept of ‘sharing’ has grown at breathtaking speed.

Based on figures collated by Precision Reports, the sharing economy was estimated to be worth a staggering $113000 million back in 2021.

In 2022, the market continued to grow at a steady rate.

With the increasing uptake of strategies by key players, the market is expected to continually rise over the projected horizon and reach a whopping $600000 million by 2027.

Start earning with Joosup

As a recent addition to the market, Joosup aims to make EV charger sharing a quick and easy process to its user base.

Users who sign up to Joosup can quickly take advantage of a range of benefits.

This includes zero commissions on charger sharing transactions, instant PayPal payouts at point of sale, a ratings/feedback system offering users informed choice of charger and booking acceptance, plus a whole host of other features to enhance their EV driving experience.

Joosup is available for both Android and Apple iPhones, and can be downloaded free from the Google Play and App Store.