5 April 2024

Mr EV Reviews Joosup

Popular social media influencer and content creator Mr. EV, aka Andrew Till, recently reviewed the Joosup app on his YouTube channel.

With close to 30,000 subscribers and a legion of followers up and down the UK, Mr EV is a very popular figure amongst electric vehicle fanatics.

As a renowned advocate of A/C charging at home, he recently reviewed the Joosup app in a comprehensive 9 minute video, showcasing the app's features and why it can play an important part in helping to bridge the public charging gap.

With his unique, witty presentation style that's won him fans all over, the video has already gained more than 9,000 views since publication.

Who is Mr EV?

Mr EV Nissan Leaf
Mr EV sat with his beloved Nissan Leaf

Andrew Till, aka Mr EV, is a long-standing champion of electric vehicles and clean energy.

As one of the country's first adopters of electric vehicles, there's very few EV's he hasn't driven, reviewed or come into close contact with.

He currently drives one of the earlier editions of the Nissan Leaf, as well as a 2020 edition Kia E-Niro, which he personally loves - although not quite as much as the Leaf apparently.

Like many motoring channels on YouTube, he frequently reviews a wide range of new and used EV's, home charging technology and various gadgets that run on battery electric.

However, unlike many YouTube channels that offer up the usual scripted style motoring reviews, Mr EV does things his way in a natural, unscripted and calm manner.

He frequently involves the family in his videos, getting unfiltered feedback and views from who he describes as his 'opinionated wife' and daughter from time-to-time.

This family friendly style makes his videos fun, engaging and authentic, which is undoubtedly one of the key reasons why his audience has grown as such a rapid pace.

What’s in the Review?

Mr EV Charging Calculator
Mr EV demonstrating Joosup's charging time calculator

In his review video, Mr EV covers practically every aspect of the Joosup app, its features and how to use it.

However, before diving into the app itself, he firstly explains why apps such as Joosup are important and have a need to exist.

As Andrew initially explains:

"What about people that can't charge at home? We all know that infrastructure has to grow quite a lot. So is there something we can do in the meantime?"

This is a question that crops up for discussion amongst EV drivers very often.

As electric vehicle uptake increases and the UK's 2035 deadline approaches, how will people without driveways or unable to afford public rapid charging prices be able to get an EV?

It's a looming problem.

As Andrew continues, the answer may already be right on our doorsteps:

"This is my EV charger (Zappi). Since we charge at night most of the time... this is sitting doing nothing during the day. Wouldn't it make sense to rent it out to people who need it?"


In the first part of Mr EV's review of Joosup, he quickly covers the main dashboard view, showcasing some of it's key features including:

  • find a charge point search function
  • adding a charger
  • charging time calculator

Booking a Charging Session

In the second part of his video, he takes the viewer through the booking process and showcases the ease of finding and booking a local charger.

Knowing there's a few chargers nearby in a popular village for country walks, he decides to make a booking and take his dog for an hour long walk.

As part of the booking process, he highlights key features such as:

  • finding a suitable nearby charger
  • viewing details of a selected charger
  • requesting a charger booking session
  • receiving a booking approval notification from the host

Live Charging Session

After the booking has been confirmed, Andrew makes his way to the host's location in his (rather dirty) Kia E-Niro along with the dog in the back.

Although he arrived slightly later than the scheduled booking time of 2pm, he explains how the app offers a 15 minute grace period either side of the actual booking time to allow for early or late arrival.

Once arrived, Mr EV then explains how to:

  • starting a charging session
  • paying for a charging session
  • plugging in the car

After just a few short moments, his Kia is parked and charging, so he heads off on his planned walk with the dog.

Mr EV’s Thoughts on Charger Sharing

Mr EV Joosup Charging Session
Mr EV demonstrating a live Joosup charging session

During his walk, he decides to extend the session as his dog walk goes on for longer than expected. and contemplates the needs and benefits of charger sharing apps like Joosup:

"Apps like Joosup are a win-win situation to me, because we need loads more chargers everywhere. With about 60% of people in the UK having a driveway, loads of them could already have chargers. So you might as well rent it out if you're not using it yourself. Hosts earn a bit of money, and people get potentially cheaper charging and more convenient charging. It's kind of a no-brainer."

And he's absolutely right.

If the UK has literally tens of thousands of EV chargers sat unused on driveways in various places across the UK, there's a ready made untapped infrastructure just waiting to be used that benefits everyone involved.

As Andrew concludes:

"One of the most common things I hear is I can't get an EV because I don't have any off-street parking. So something like this (Joosup) would help alleviate those concerns a little bit. I think it's a great way of potentially earning some money, and it's a great way of improving our infrastructure, because let's be honest, our infrastructure does need a bit of improvement. And waiting for the government to do anything about it, we'll be waiting a long, long time. So this could be a quick fix."

Watch the Video

If you have an EV charger you want to rent out, or you want to find more places to park and charge your EV, then it is highly recommended that you watch Mr EV's video review of Joosup.

With his impartial and no-frills style, you'll get an unfiltered and honest opinion of using the platform, and a first hand look at how simple and effective charger sharing apps like ours can be in offering bookable, affordable and reliable electric vehicle charging.

For more content from Andrew Till, be sure to subscribe to the Mr EV YouTube channel, plus you can follow his social media on Twitter, Threads and Instagram.


Influential voices like Mr EV are essential for filtering out the noise and helping ordinary people to make more informed decisions about switching to an electric vehicle.

Naturally, we were delighted when we learned Andrew had reviewed our app as this helped thousands of people to understand the concept behind Joosup and to get to know our product first hand.

So if you haven't already, we urge you to go watch his excellent video review of our app and hopefully, you'll decide to become our latest member.

Mr EV Reviews Joosup
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Mr EV Reviews Joosup
Popular social media influencer & content creator Mr EV, aka Andrew Till, recently reviewed the Joosup app on his YouTube channel.
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