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9 August 2023

Joosup + waEV-Charge: Electrifying the Future Together!

In a dynamic stride towards electrifying the future, Joosup and waEV-Charge have joined forces, forging a groundbreaking partnership that sets the stage for an exciting era in electric vehicle charging.

Rooted in a shared commitment to innovation, flexibility, and choice, this collaboration promises to reshape the landscape of sustainable transportation in the UK and beyond.

Empowering EV Owners Everywhere

Young Woman Charging EV at Joosup Location

At the heart of Joosup's mission is the empowerment of EV owners, and their revolutionary EV charger sharing app embodies this ethos.

Offering a plethora of features, Joosup provides drivers with unparalleled choice and flexibility when it comes to recharging their electric vehicles.

Within minutes, drivers can pre-book charge points shared by fellow users, making every journey seamlessly efficient.

The brilliance of Joosup lies not just in convenience, but also in the opportunity it presents for charge point owners to earn income through hosting.

This ingenious symbiosis highlights a community-driven approach that puts users at the center of the EV revolution.

waEV-Charge’s Future-Proof Charging Solutions

waEV-Charge EV1i Charger

waEV-Charge, a pioneering force in the EV charging sector, complements Joosup's vision with their cutting-edge charge-point solutions.

Designed with an eye on the future, waEV's chargers are both affordable and forward-thinking.

Notably, these chargers are built with adaptability in mind, allowing for easy upgrades as technology evolves, without the need for extensive replacements.

This commitment to future-proofing not only saves costs but also exemplifies waEV-Charge's dedication to making EV charging accessible and hassle-free.

Joined Up Thinking

The synergy between Joosup and waEV-Charge brings a new dimension to the EV experience.

As the partnership evolves, the vision of seamless integration becomes a reality.

In the future, Joosup's user-friendly software could be integrated into waEV chargers, enabling drivers to effortlessly access these charging points.

This harmonious convergence will transform EV charging into a unified, user-centric experience that bridges convenience and sustainability.

Simon Burge, the visionary CEO of Joosup, shares his enthusiasm:

"Our partnership with waEV is another enthralling stride towards reshaping the UK's transportation landscape. Together, we envision a future where innovation converges seamlessly to offer EV owners flexibility, convenience, and choice."

Echoing this sentiment, Joe Fogel, CEO of waEV-Charge, adds:

"Partnering with Joosup not only empowers our customers to share their charging resources but also expands the choices for EV drivers seeking reliable and accessible charging solutions. It's a win-win for the EV community."

A Glimpse into the Future

While the current collaboration between Joosup and waEV-Charge is marked by its transformative potential, the future holds even greater promise.

As the partnership deepens and mutual benefits continue to emerge, discussions around technology integration, discounts, and rewards take center stage.

These prospects underscore the commitment of both companies to enhancing the EV journey for all.


The partnership between Joosup and waEV-Charge heralds a new chapter in the EV charging narrative, one defined by convenience, innovation, and community.

As the electrification revolution accelerates, this dynamic duo paves the way for an electrifying future where driving green is not just a choice, but a seamless and rewarding experience.